Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Year Is 2007 and I'm Returning to Calcutta

My name is Jeanne. I was 16 when I left India, vowing to return as soon as possible. I am now 46 years old and the single parent of a 13 year-old son. My life has taken numerous twists and turns but I'm back on track. I left my full-time job as a Marketing Director for a computer forensics firm in Chicago and I've been doing freelance work while looking for full-time work. I met a colleague while in that position who had a very similar life experience, including life in Asia. His wife was from Pune, just south of Mumbai. I immediately bonded with them. He went back to India months ago and highly recommended moving back. The economy is booming and jobs for people with my experience were in high demand. I put my CV up on India's job board. I was inspired by Jason, but didn't think I would ever make it happen.

One day, a gentleman called me and introduced me to his company. After many calls and emails, he offered me a position at his company in Calcutta. I immediately accepted and called Jason. He is leaving to start a position the first week of July in Chennai. I am hoping to leave by the 22nd of July.

I expedited the renewal of my son's passport Monday, and contacted relocation services for my stuff. I've been investigating relocation for my greyhound and cat.
My offer package should arrive on Thursday. Until then, I'm just planning, envisioning, dreaming and smiling. I am finally returning to a place I love. A place I had promised to return to 30 years ago. I am finally finding my bliss.

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