Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No one is calling me back.


I called the vet and he hasn't called back.

I tried calling the consulate 10x in order to make sure I know exactly what I need when I bring my visa application in...busy every time.

I called Frankie, my greyhound rescue's advisor, and discussed my dog's move. She's concerned about it, too, and gave me a number of someone who does a lot of travel of greyhounds cross-country. She was helpful and recommended an international greyhound listserv. I'm having trouble accessing it, and I have a feeling this was the list that I had trouble with last year. I have spent all day on-line looking for anyone with experience moving a dog, any dog to India, and the search has been fruitless. I am also not finding any American expat clubs in Calcutta. Mumbai, yes, Bangalore, yes, even Chennai, but not Calcutta. There doesn't seem to be any forums, websites, etc. I can't find any decent web sites that even show decent photos of the city, let alone decent photos and floorplans on apartment rental sites.

I should probably clarify. There are numerous beautiful sites with artful photography of the city, but none that show different parts of the city, the shopping centers, medical facilities instead of colourful and artistic street scenes, etc. I think that this will become something I will do once I get there for people coming after me. It would really be helpful.

It seems like I'm stuck in a vaccuum. Most relocation services only work for the company and not with individuals, plus I'm not willing to spend $5,000 for someone to basically tell me what to do. I'll need whatever money I have just to get us over there, never mind the rest.

I have to go make a list of the items I can sell on craigslist.

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