Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Suggestions for Your CV

I lived in India years ago, and with the economy booming, it made sense for me to look for a job there. Here is the way I did it. Many countries are looking for a CV instead of a short resume, so I had 8 pages of data:

Objective - Include the reasons why you want to move to the country of choice and why being an American would be an asset to an organization there.
Experience - Typical resume details
Education - Typical resume details, including seminars, coursework and certifications
Addendum 1 - Awards
Addendum 2 - Technical skillset (software experience, lifecycle experience, e.g. email marketing campaign management, traffic analysis, etc.)
Addendum 3 - Web Sites has microsites for a number of countries. Use your search engine to learn more about in-country job sites.

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