Thursday, July 19, 2007

White Knuckle Time.

It's getting down to the wire. Only a couple of things left to do now. I need to get the car cleaned out and sell it today. Other than that, I'll repack again just to organize everything and distribute the weight better. All of the paintings have been cut from their stretchers and rolled up saving a ton of space. I have a couple of calls to make, and really, that's it.

I spoke with Jason, my friend who just moved to Chennai. He said that the energy is amazing, "Say goodbye to the American wage slave lifestyle and say hello to the adventure that is India. The energy and optimism here is like US pre-9/11. The people are great, the food can’t be beat. I love living here. Yes, it has its ups and downs, but you’ve been to India before, so you know the drill."

Three days and a wake up to go. The suspense/excitement/fear is killing me.


Anonymous said...

Good luck moving to India...wish you all the best..yeah, it has its bad things, but nevertheless a good place to live.

Pls keep the blog updated.

Kenneth said...

just read your blog - the time you were in india in 76 i was at cornell- having as rough a time in the us of a as you were having here.
welcome back to india, hope you don't experience another culture shock - the country has changed since then, and i wonder where we are going.
e mail me my wife and i are on the west coast, in goa.
i would really like to know how you are coping with your return :)
e mail:

Anonymous said...

SO hows life so far?


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