Thursday, July 12, 2007

The visas are here!

The visas arrived yesterday. We have everything we need to hit the airport. I sent my contact in India the news and everything is going as planned. I found another really good website: India Tree, which is very similar to On this site, I found someone who is moving to Hyderabad and brought her German Shepherd with her! I have so many questions as to how she did it.

I found some videos of Kolkata on YouTube. Enjoy.

I would like to find a modern flat like this!

Calcutta, with a little bit of Darjeeling mixed in. It can't hurt to have a Led Zeppelin soundtrack...

Appropriately titled "Insane Traffic in Calcutta"

More traffic. Just listen to all the horns. Calcutta is definitely a place that puts you into sensory overload.

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