Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Medical /Healthcare Information Clearinghouse

East West Medical Center
38 Golf Links, New Delhi 110003
tel. 11/462-3738, 11/469-9229, 11/469-0955, or 11/469-8865
fax 11/469-0428 or 11/463-2382

East West can provide a referral list of doctors, dentists, opticians, chemists, and lawyers throughout India. It is also the only clinic in India (so far) recognized by most international insurance companies.

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Tracy said...

I just found your Blog...and I am really happy for you that you will be moving to India...I wish it were me! My husband and I are flirting with the idea of moving to the south of India when he retires in 10 years. I am your age now. We travel every year or so to India. I love it so much!!
I would love to keep in touch~
check out my Blog to read a bit of me~!~ Oh..we were able to contact the Health Department and get all of my sons travel shots for a mere 10.00!! Our insurance covered them when we lived in the San Francisco Bay area...but have since moved to Grass Vallye and the new policy didn't over them any more...
Good Luck with the move...

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