Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Passport's Here! The Passport's Here!

On Thursday, the pod showed up. We have until Monday at 8:00 AM to fill and lock it up for sending to my mum's. We have boxes and piles of junk everywhere. The place is a total nightmare. The cat's throwing up at least once a day now because he can't handle all the change. He's been snuggling (something he NEVER does).

Late Friday afternoon, we got a call on the cell phone. Since I'm not talking with recruiters, Will likes to answer the phone and pretend the phone has bad reception. Since the caller ID showed it was an 800 number, I let him answer. About 30 seconds into his call while we're being totally immature and giggling, he suddenly said,"fedex?" I grabbed the phone from him and answered the phone. The company paperwork had arrived, but they couldn't find my house (not surprising since there are no numbers anywhere on my property and whoever devised the numbering scheme in our subdivision HAD to have been drunk at the time).

I asked how late they were open, then we jumped into the car and sped off to the Fedex warehouse. Yay! All we needed was the passport and we'd be ready to head into Chicago. Today around noon, I was upstairs rummaging through the piles and breaking down the black wire storage systems, when the doorbell rang. I looked out the window and saw the postal vehicle parked below.

I yelled to Will, "Passport!" He answered the door, and sure enough, it's here! Yay!
We'll head into Chicago on Monday morning to visit the consulate and hopefully, we'll be ready to go. I'll bring every piece of paper I have with me just to go over the vet stuff and the cargo issues as well.

I went to Petsmart the other day and bought water dishes and a pad for the bottom of Grace's carrier. The dishes are bolted to the wire door, so they can be easily refilled. With the stopover in Frankfurt only 1-1/2 hours long, they'll only need a light snack before we reach Mumbai...

Time to pack. Reminder - I must email Manish later today and let him know the details for our tickets.

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