Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Durga Puja!

Shubo Durga Puja! This came to me in the comments section of my last post, but I felt it deserved a post of its own. My experience of Durga Puja was mine alone and I seriously didn't explore the depth that can be found if you endeavor to spend 4 solid days venturing out to pandals. I wanted rest and relaxation more than anything else. A reader posted a comment on this blog that links to amazing pictures that show the depth and breadth of the beauty and intricacy of the pandals.

The thing that is so amazing is that most of this work occurs within one month prior to the celebrations, and are taken down and submerged in the Hoogly River or other water source at the end of the four days.

Check these photos out. They are just incredible:
(Step 1: Click on "Options" at the right hand bottom of the screen
Step 2: Tick on the tab "Always show title and description"
Step 3: "Save" this setting
Step 4: Enjoy... )

(Step 1: Click on "View as slideshow"
Step 2: Click on "Options" at the right hand bottom of the screen
Step 3: Tick on the tab "Always show title and description"
Step 4: "Save" this setting
Step 5: Enjoy... )

These are the kind of pandals I would gladly support - there is one with hundreds of little cubbies, another with columns lit some inside... breathtaking stuff... Please take a look.


Anonymous said...

I have put some pictures that I have taken during the Pujas on my blog... you can check them out too.

In case you like to have a look, my blog has pictures of my doggie too.


Mitzi and Jerry said...

I left right before the main puja days for Spain, to visit my sister. I did not plan on missing Puja, but that is the way it worked out. In fact, I am still in Spain right now. When I told my friends in K that I would be missing Puja, ALL of them told me that I was very lucky. They said they ususally try to leave town during the season.

Anonymous said...

When the Durga Puja is over the custom is to say 'Suvo Bijaya!' According to Hindu mythological epic Ramayan,Lord Ram got the 'Bijay' i.e.victory over the demon Ravana after worshipping Goddess Durga. So Bengalis wish each other Suvo Bijaya and distributes sweets among families and friends.

So Jeanne, Suvo Bijaya to u and ur family :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Debo for the link, Love the photos. I didn't know the eco-friendly spin. Just thought that was traditional. Makes sense since they're getting submerged. I know Mumbai has been hit with a lot of criticism over the Ganesha submersions due to the way they're making the idols these days. The beaches look atrocious for weeks now, I hear...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Mitzi & Jerry, I read that on your blog. Hopefully the contributors here, who provided links will give you just a bit of the flavour of Durga Puja. When you're looking through them, just be sure to press yourselves together like a couple of sardines to really appreciate them! (It's a joke.)

Dhrubaa said...

Wow, this is awesome..I was looking for a blog that talks about Durga Pujo..since I am in the US and am missing home terribly. It was nice to find your's. It is so strange! I want to be in that jam packed Kolkata pujo climate, hopping from pandal to pandal and not sit at home and do nothing. While you are trapped there! I wish I could exchange places with you. best gifts to kolata

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