Sunday, August 12, 2007


Weather is bad. It's been raining for a full day with no end in sight. The roads are flooded and most of my team won't be making it in to work today. Since I'm only around the corner, and my driver made it to the house, I came in.

Last night around 10:00 pm, BOOOMMM!!! I was awakened by a blow to the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of me. As I curled up into a fetal position, I realized it was Grace whining and looking for a place to hide. BOOOOM BBOOOOOMMM!!! She became even more panicked. The rain was coming down in solid sheets (still is). I opened up the doors onto the balcony to watch the rain come down. The smell of ozone was overpowering. Lightning was crashing everywhere. I closed the balcony doors and went to see if Wills was okay.

Of course he was sound asleep. He can sleep through anything. BBBB--BB--BBB-BOOOMMM!!! It was really really loud. I woke him up by pushing him and shaking him. I wanted him to see the city. He wanted to sleep. Oh, well.

I went back to the balcony to watch the rain. The city had an odd colour to it. The lights were reflected by the bottom of the heavy clouds that were obliterating anything over 8-9 stories. (Made me wonder whether moving to the tenth floor would be a good idea). The entire city was misty, making everything look like a shimmering mirage. Nothing looked real. I must have watched the rain come down for an hour. The one thing I noticed? No car alarms. Just quiet.

Thunder's still going off over my head now. I ran five feet from the car to the office door and was drenched completely, only to meet a stray dog huddling in the corner of the stairwell, completely wet, shivering... I really wanted to pick up the dog, get him a bath and a vet visit, and take him home. Poor thing. There are strays everywhere. My team's just coming in. I guess the rain is coming down even harder now. Must go.

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MOre More More pls :)


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